The Ninths International Conference on Quantum Optics was held on May 14 - May 17, 2002, at the Raubichi Olympic Center.

A part of the reports presented at IX ICQO was published in special issue of Optics and Spectroscopy, Vol. 94, No. 5, 2003.

Contents of the issue:

Entangled States and Nanoobjects in Quantum Optics
S. Ya. Kilin p. 649

Entangled States in Optics

Optical Experiments Beyond the Quantum Limit: Squeezing, Entanglement, and Teleportation
R. Schnabel, W. P. Bowen, N. Treps, B. Buchler, T. C. Ralph, P. K. Lam, and H.-A. Bachor p. 651
Quantum Lithography: Toward Entangled-Photon Optics
L. L. Sanchez-Soto, G. Bjork, and J. Soderholm p. 666
Continuous Variable Teleportation as a Quantum Channel
M. Takeoka, M. Sasaki, and M. Ban p. 675
Measurement of Qutrits
A. V. Burlakov, L. A. Krivitski, S. P. Kulik, G. A. Maslennikov, and M. V. Chekhova p. 684 
Optimal Dimensionality for Quantum Cryptography
D. B. Horoshko and S. Ya. Kilin p. 691 
Hilbert Space Factorization and Partial Measurements
G. Bjork, P. Jonsson, H. Heydari, J. Soderholm, and B. Hessmo p. 695 
Understanding Quantum Entanglement: Qubits, Rebits and the Quaternionic Approach
J. Batle, A. R. Plastino, M. Casas, and A. Plastino p. 700 
Teleportation through W-Class States
V. N. Gorbachev, A. I. Trubilko, and A. A. Rodichkina p. 706
Entanglement from Ponderomotive Interaction
S. Mancini, V. Giovannetti, D. Vitali, and P. Tombesi p. 711 
Entangled States in Spin Subsystems of Polyatomic Ensembles
D. V. Kupriyanov, I. M. Sokolov, and A. V. Slavgorodski p. 717 
Berry Phase Effects in Two-Level and Three-Level Atoms
Y. Ben-Aryeh p. 724 
On Geometric Realization of Quantum Computations in an Externally Driven Four-Level System
A. E. Shalyt-Margolin, V. I. Strazhev, and A. Ya. Tregubovich p. 730
Feynman’s Decoherence
Y. S. Kim and M. E. Noz p. 733
Photon Uncertainty Solves the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen Paradox
D. Tommasini p. 741 

Nonclassical States of Light

Rate-Equation Approach to Laser Light Statistics
L. Chusseau, J. Arnaud, and F. Philippe, p. 746
Micromaser Action in Atomic Clusters
V. N. Gorbachev and A. I. Trubilko p. 755
Generation of Squeezed Light upon Frequency Self-Doubling in Active Nonlinear Crystals with Regular Domain Structure
A. A. Novikov, G. D. Laptev, and A. S. Chirkin p. 760
Mesoscopic Quantum Properties and the Fundamental Limit of Switching of Polarization States of Light in Spatially Periodic Systems
A. Yu. Leksin, A. P. Alodjants, and S. M. Arakelian p. 768
Generation of Nonclassical States of a Field with Frequency-Dependent Squeezing
V. V. Kulagin p. 779
Incoherent Properties of Induced Radiation
B. A. Veklenko p. 784
Quantum Memory on the Basis of Photon Echo in Three-Level Optically Dense Gaseous Media with the -Configuration of Atomic Transitions
S. A. Moiseev p. 788
Effect of the Amplitude of Excitation Pulses on the Shape of Photon-Echo Signals in Two-Level Systems
V. S. Kuz’min and V. M. Kolesenko p. 797

Transformation of Intensity Fluctuations at a Nonlinear Reflection of Light
Ya. A. Fofanov p. 802


Generalized Schrodinger Cat States in Cavity QED
E. Solano, G. S. Agarwal, and H. Walther p. 805
Influence of Thermal Photons on the Fundamental Model of Quantum Optics with a Coherent Pump
T. B. Karlovich and S. Ya. Kilin p. 808
Measuring Entanglement-Induced Quantum Correlations in the Oscillatory Motion of a Trapped Ion
B. Militello, A. Messina, and A. Napoli p. 813
Rabi Oscillations in the Dynamics of a Fully Quantized SQUID Ring-Electromagnetic Field System
R. Migliore and A. Messina p. 817

Continuation in  Vol. 94, No. 6, 2003

Photon Vacuum Renormalization and Spontaneous Decay of an Excited Atom Near a Carbon Nanotube
I. V. Bondarev, G. Ya. Slepyan, and S. A. Maksimenko p. 823 
Resonant Energy Exchange between Atoms in Dispersing and Absorbing Surroundings
Ho Trung Dung, L. Knoll, and D.-G. Welsch p. 829
Local Spectral Density for a Periodically Driven System of Coupled Quantum States with Strong Imperfection in the Unperturbed Energies
V. S. Starovoitov p. 838
Dependence of Second Harmonic Generation Efficiency on the Density of the Optical Mode
R. G. Zaporozhchenko p. 844
Spin-Selective Low Temperature Spectroscopy on Single Molecules with a Triplet–Triplet Optical Transition: Application to the NV Defect Center in Diamond
A. P. Nizovtsev, S. Ya. Kilin, F. Jelezko, I. Popa, A. Gruber, C. Tietz, and J. Wrachtrup p. 848
Control of Efficiency of Photon Energy Up-Conversion in CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots
K. I. Rusakov, A. A. Gladyshchuk, Yu. P. Rakovich, J. F. Donegan, S. A. Filonovich, M. J. M. Gomes, D. V. Talapin, A. L. Rogach, and A. Eychmuller p.859
Low-Temperature Dynamics of Amorphous Polymers and Evolution over Time of Spectra of Single Impurity Molecules: I. Experiment
Yu. G. Vainer, A. V. Naumov, M. Bauer, and L. Kador p. 864
Low-Temperature Dynamics of Amorphous Polymers and Evolution over Time of Spectra of Single Impurity Molecules: II. Model Calculations and Analysis of Results
Yu. G. Vainer, A. V. Naumov, M. Bauer, and L. Kador p. 873
A Dynamic Approach to the Sudden Jump Model in Single Molecule Spectroscopy
I. S. Osad’ko and E. V. Khots p. 885
Measurement of the Wave Function (of All Elements of the Density Matrix) of a Muonium-Like System by the SR Method
A. S. Baturin, V. N. Gorelkin, and R. Singh p. 895
Electron Spin Precession in the Field of an Electromagnetic Wave
V. V. Tikhomirov p. 900
Interaction of 3-Level Atom with Radiation
L. Accardi, K. Imafuku, and S. V. Kozyrev p. 904
Constructing the Davies Process of Resonance Fluorescence with Quantum Stochastic Calculus
L. Bouten, H. Maassen, and B. Kummerer p. 911