A part of the reports presented at X ICQO was published in special issues of Optics and Spectroscopy Vol. 99, No. 2, 2005, Optics and Spectroscopy Vol. 99, No. 3, 2005.



OPENING SESSION Su30DO ( Sunday, 30 May, 16.00 -19.00)

Sergei Kilin

Opening talk

Michel Orrit

Quantum Optics with Single Nano-Objects (invited, 30 min)

Jean-Francois Roch

Practical quantum cryptography with a single photon source (invited, 30 min)

Akihisa Tomita

Quantum information processing with fiber optics: Quantum Fourier Transform of 1024 Qubits (invited, 30 min)

Mikhail Kolobov

Quantum limits on optical superresolution (invited, 30 min)


MORNING SESSIONS (Monday, May 31, 9.00-13.00)


Mo31A Nonlinear quantum optics

Marco Genovese

Review of recent experimental progresses in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information obtained in Parametric Down Conversion Experiments at IENGF (invited, 25 min)

Anatoly Masalov

Polarization tomography of quantum state of light (invited, 20 min)

Sergei Kulik

Quantum states engineering: qutrits based on biphotons (invited, 20 min)

Andrei Rodionov

Entangled photon states and quantum Zeno effect at consecutive nonlinear-optical interactions (invited, 20 min)

Maria Chekhova

Conditioned unitary transformations on biphotons and absolute calibration of photodetectors (invited, 20 min)

Vladimir Bykov

The spectrum narrowing and squeezing coefficient increasing at buffer excitation of parametrical generation (oral, 15 min)


 Mo31B Quantum Imaging

Ivan Sokolov

Quantum Imaging (invited, 20 min)

Pieter Kok

Quantum lithography, entanglement and Heisenberg-limited parameter estimation (invited, 20 min)

Mitja Perus

Simulated quantum-optical object-recognition from high-resolution images (invited, 20 min)

Tat'yana Golubeva

Quantum information channel for transfer of spatial imagines (oral, 15 min)

Eugene Makeev

Diffraction phenomenon at consecutive parametric processes (oral, 15 min)



AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Monday, May 31, 14.00-19.00)



Mo31Ca Laser sources for QO

Friedrich Koenig

Bright source for polarisation entangled photon pairs (invited, 20 min)

Yuri Golubev

Laser with feed-back: is intracavity field quantum or classical? (invited, 20 min)

Mo31Cb Phase quasiprobabilities

Luis Sanchez-Soto

Complementarity in phase space (invited, 20 min)

Damian Pope

Adaptive phase estimation is more accurate than non-adaptive phase estimation for continuous beams of light (invited, 20 min)

Constantin Usenko

Probabilistic aspects of Wigner function (oral, 15 min)

Valery Karassiov

Polarization properties of light in quantum optics: conceptual and operational aspects (oral, 15 min)

Alexander Alodjants

SU(3)- symmetry operational approach to measure Gell-Mann parameters and phase characteristics in quantum and atomic optics (oral, 15 min)

Mo31Da Quantum optics with single objects

Christian von Borczyskowski

Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Single Semiconductor Nanoparticles (invited, 30 min)

Igor Osad'ko

Scan-Time Dependent Theory for Fluctuating Absorption Coefficient in Single Molecule Spectroscopy (invited, 20 min)

Yuri Vainer

Distributions of single molecule spectra parameters and low-temperature dynamics of disordered solids (oral, 15 min)

Andrei Naumov

Study of low-energy elementary excitations in disordered solids via single molecule spectroscopy (oral, 10 min)

Pavel Bouchev

Electronic feedback cooling of a single ion below the Doppler limit (oral, 15 min)


Mo31Db QO of Photoionization

Mikhail Fedorov

Entanglement in photoionization and photodissociation (invited, 20 min)

Karl-Michael Weitzel

On the control of Cl+ versus D+ formation in the fragmentation of DCl+ ions (invited, 20 min)

Mikhail Korol'kov

Coherent spin control of matrix isolated molecules by IR+ UV laser pulses: Quantum simulation for ClF and Cl2 in an Ar matrix (oral, 15 min)

Oleg Chekhlov

Ultrahigh power optical parametric chirped pulse amplification at 1 micron (oral, 10 min)



MORNING SESSIONS (Tuesday, June 1, 9.00-13.00)


TuA1 Entanglement manipulations

Girish Agarwal

Multiparticle entanglement generation (invited, 30 min)

Jens Eisert

Entanglement dynamics in harmonic systems with many degrees of freedom: generation, propagation and manipulation (invited, 20 min)

Dmitri Horoshko

Universal quantum entangling machine (oral, 15 min)

Alexey Bashkeev

Coherent control of the atomic entanglement (oral, 15 min)


Tu1B Entanglement characterization (I&II)

Hoshang Heydari

Entanglement measure for general multipartite quantum states (invited, 20 min)

Josep Batle-Vallespir

Entanglement Distribution and Entangling Power of Quantum Gates (invited, 20 min)

Giulio Casati

On the stability of quantum motion (invited, 30 min)

Luca Marinatto

Entanglement for indistinguishable particles (invited, 20 min)

Boris Grishanin

Entangling measurement as a basic operation of quantum information processing (invited, 20 min)

Guillaume Adenier

Testing the Fair Sampling Assumption for EPR-Bohm Experiments with Photons (invited, 20 min)

AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Tuesday, June 1, 14.00-19.00)

Tu1C Quantum communications

Lorenzo Maccone

Information capacities in bosonic channels (invited, 20 min)

Doron Cohen

The information entropy of quantum mechanical states (invited, 20 min)

Yun Zhang

Experimental Characterization of quantum correlated twin beams and Quantum channel with twin beams (invited, 20 min)

Natalia Korolkova

Quantum communication with "classical" and non-classical polarization states (invited, 20 min)

Andrzej Dragan

Demonstrating entanglement-enhanced communication over noisy channels (invited, 20 min)

Zhi Zhao

Experimental Demonstration of Five-photon Entanglement and Open-destination Teleportation (invited, 20 min)


Tu1D Quantum computers: qubits & gates

Fedor Jelezko

Two-qubits conditional quantum gate with single spins (invited, 20 min)

Sean Barrett

Continuous measurement of a microwave-driven solid state qubit: an all-electrical analogue of resonance-fluorescence (invited, 20 min)

Lin Tian

Superconducting qubits: from quantum computing to motional state engineering (invited, 20 min)

Rosanna Migliore

Controlling the dynamics of a flux qubit strongly coupled to a quantized electromagnetic field (invited, 20 min)

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll

Speed limits of quantum computing with ion traps (invited, 20 min)

Stojan Rebic

Polarization phase gate with a tripod atomic system (invited, 20 min)

Frank Gaitan

Controlling qubit transitions during non-adiabatic rapid passage through quantum interference (invited, 20 min)

Shangqong Gong

Arbitrary superposition states preparation via stimulated Raman adiabatic passage in four level systems (invited, 20 min)


MORNING SESSIONS (Wednesday, June 2, 9.00-13.00)

We2A Measurements & decoherence

Ruediger Schack

The Frequency Operator in Quantum Mechanics (invited, 20 min)

Alberto Barchielli

Entropies and information gain in quantum continual measurements (invited, 20 min)

Michael Mensky

Decoherence and dissipation from theory of continuous quantum measurements (invited, 20 min)

Takuya Okabe

Spontaneous Collapse of Unstable Quantum Superposition State (invited, 20 min)

Arkady Fedorov

Evaluation of Decoherence for Quantum Control and Computing (invited, 20 min)

Benedetto Militello

Governing survival probability to distill quantum states (oral, 15 min)

Ilya Feranchuk

Increase of the atom (nucleus) lifetime in a low -frequency external field (oral, 15 min)

We2B Measurements macro

Sergey Vyatchanin

On the Way to Circumvent Standard Quantum Limit in Laser Gravitational Antenna (invited, 20 min)

Farid Khalili

Squeezed states and QND measurements in future laser gravitational-wave antennae (invited, 20 min)

Young Kim

The Language of Einstein spoken by Optical Devices (invited, 20 min)

Marcus Appleby

Facts, Values and Quanta (invited, 20 min)



AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Wednesday, June 2, 14.00-19.00)



We2Ca Quantum computations

Louis Kauffman

Braiding Operators and Quantum Computing (invited, 20 min)

Jozef Kosik

The scattering model for quantum random walk (invited, 20 min)

Hagiwara Manabu

Non stabilizer Clifford codes with its length pq (invited, 20 min)

Andrei Soklakov

Encoding probability distributions in quantum states (invited, 20 min)


We2Cb “Linear” quantum optics

Dominic Berry

Improving Single Photon Sources via Linear Optics and Photodetection (invited, 20 min)

Masahiro Takeoka

Discrimination of quantum states with linear optics and continuous photon counting (invited, 20 min)


We2D Quantum optics of atomic ensembles

Clive Emary

Chaos and entanglement in one-mode superradiance (invited, 20 min)

Hanno Hammer

Collective states in highly symmetric atomic configurations, and single-photon traps (invited, 20 min)

Alexander Zibrov

Shaping quantum pulses of light via atomic memory (invited, 20 min)

Jiannis Pachos

Quantum information in optical lattices (invited, 20 min)

Gediminas Juzeliunas

Slow Light in Degenerate Fermi Gases (invited, 20 min)

Valery Gorbachev

Entangled states of atoms and atomic ensembles in interaction with narrow band light (oral, 15 min)

Thomas Wellens

Coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms in the saturated regime (invited, 20 min)

Vyacheslav Shatokhin

Master equation approach to coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms (oral, 15 min)

Igor Sokolov

Coherent multiple light scattering in ultracold atomic gases (oral, 15 min)



MORNING SESSIONS (Thursday, June 3, 9.00-13.00)



Th3Aa QED effects

Robert Spreeuw

Observation of QED effect using cold atoms near a dielectric surface (invited, 20 min)

Thomas Becker

Measurement of Fock-states with the Micromaser (invited, 20 min)

Federico Casagrande

A solvable open quantum system model: the strongly driven micromaser (invited, 20 min)

Pavel Bouchev

Mechanical action from a distant mirror on a single atom (invited, 15 min)


Th3Ab QO of photonic crystals

Alexei Zheltikov

Enhanced nonlinear optics with photonic-crystal and microstructure fibers (invited, 20 min)

Xue-Hua Wang

Giant Lamb Shift in 3D Photonic Crystals (invited, 20 min)

Hongqi Xu

Non-Classical decay of excited atoms in photonic crystals (invited, 20 min)


Th3B Waves & packets

Juan Leon

On position and time for the photon. Quantum perspectives (invited, 25 min)

Daniel Rohrlich

Mesoscopic interferometers for electron waves (invited, 20 min)

Andreas Buchleitner

Nondispersive wave packets in theory and experiment (invited, 20 min)

Markus Oberthaler

Nonlinear atom optics and nonspreading wave packets (invited, 20 min)



AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Thursday, June 3, 14.00-16.00)



Th3C Quantum Optics at interfaces

Dirk-Gunnar Welsch

Casimir-Polder forces - a dynamical approach (invited, 20 min)

Sergei Maksimenko

Electromagnetic field quantization in systems with impedance boundary conditions (oral, 15 min)

Igor Bondarev

The van der Waals energy of an atom near a carbon nanotube (oral, 15 min)

Yun-Jie Xia

Spontaneous emission of homogeneous broadening molecules on a micro-droplet's surface and local-filed correction (invited, 20 min)

Dmitry Guzatov

Spontaneous emission of atom placed near triaxial nanoelepsoid (oral, 15 min)

Jakov Fofanov

Regulation of intensity and fluctuations of light by means of resonant reflection (oral, 15 min)

Maxim Gladush

Transient multimode stimulated scattering of light in a two-level medium governed by local field effects (invited, 20 min)

Boris Veklenko

The optical processes in thin excited layers (oral, 15 min)

Yury Sherkunov

The thermal fluctuations of quantum electromagnetic field in weekly absorbtion dispersive media (oral, 15 min)




POSTER SESSION Mo31E (Monday , May 31, 20.00 - 22.00)



Anatoly Chirkin

Photon statistics at self-parametric frequency conversion (poster)

Oksana Mishina

Quantum theory of coherent forward scattering of light on polarized atoms: Entanglement in the system of collective variables of light and atomic spins (poster)

Olga Ivanova

Four-photon state generation via two-photon parametric down-conversion (poster)

Valery Gorbachev

Symmetric light states prepared from biphotons (poster)

Gleb Maslennikov

Experimental realization of arbitrary optical qutrit state (poster)

Andrey Trubilko

Entangled states of bright light (poster)

Tania Karlovich

The influence of the thermal photons on the micromaser radiation (poster)

Yun-Jie Xia

Picking any number state from coherent state by linear optical element and photon detector (poster)

Alexander Grabchikov

Noise manifestation in phase behavior of deterministic solitary waves in stimulated Raman scattering (poster)

Vyacheslav Chizhevsky

Vibrational resonance in a bistable vertical cavity surface emitting laser (poster)

Raisa Zaporozhchenko

Effect of quantum fluctuations of medium polarisation on stimulated Raman scattering in a photonic crystal (poster)

Raisa Zaporozhchenko

Pulse compression and quasi-soliton like regime of a Second Harmonic Generation on photonic crystal (poster)

Olga Tikhonova

Atomic ionization in quantum electromagnetic field (poster)

Andrei Ignatenko

Quantum dynamics of single-photon collapse to a single photoelectron (poster)

Nataliya Cherkashyna

The effect of coordinate and momentum uncertainties on collision of coherent electrons (poster)

Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

The Density Matrix Deformation in Quantum Mechanics of the Early Universe and Some of its Implications (poster)

Vladislav Usenko

Secure quantum channel based on correlated twin laser beams (poster)

Denis Sych

Comparative characteristics of quantum key distribution protocols with alphabets corresponding to the regular polyhedrons on the Bloch sphere (poster)

Vladimir Starovoitov

Delocalization Border for the Register Core in a 1D Model of Quantum Computer (poster)

Yueping Niu

Phase control of four-wave mixing and electromagnetically induced transparency (poster)

Xiaohong Song

Propagation of few-cycle laser pulses in a resonant V-type three-level system (poster)

Maxim Gladush

Quantum interference in a dense medium of V-type three-level atoms (poster)

Ranjit Singh

Generation of Polarization Squeezed Light in Periodically Poled Nonlinear Crystal (poster)

Eugene Makeev

Spatial configuration of parametric spectra in periodical poled nonlinear crystals (poster)

Askhat Basharov

New exactly integrable models of resonant nonlinear and quantum optics (poster)

Askhat Basharov

The Kronig-Penney model in nonlinear optics (poster)

Mikalai Karelin

Multidimensional uncertainty relations for states with given generalized purity (poster)

Vladimir Kudryashov

Improved variational method for excited states (poster)

Ludmila Serebryakova

Theoretical method of analysis of thin spatial structure of correlation functions (poster)

Alexander Nizovtsev

Low-temperature Photokinetics of Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond: Spin-selective intersystem crossing, optical ground-state spin alignment and hole burning (poster)

Alexander Nizovtsev

Room-temperature quantum processor on single Nitrogen-Vacancy center in diamond: Spectroscopy and models (poster)

Alexander Pushkarchuk

Electronic Spin Properties of NV- center In Diamond Nanocrystals (poster)

Konstantin Rusakou

Modification of photon states in photonic molecules with semiconductor nanocrystals (poster)

Vladimir Osipov

The effect of near-surface plasma on nanostructuring of solid surface inside the resonator of ruby laser (poster)

Andrey Lutich

Anisotropic light scattering in nanoporous materials: A photon density of states effect (poster)

Alexander Maloshtan

Photon Green function of three-dimensional parallel dielectric plates (poster)

Alexander Starukhin

Heavy atom effect probed by Single Molecule Spectroscopy Technique (poster)

Mikalai Kruk

Photophysical study of Pt(tphy)2: implication for Single Molecule Spectroscopy (poster)

Viachaslau Ksianzov

Strong second-order nonlinear response from vacuum-deposited thin film of the centrosymmetrical SqOH dye (poster)

Alexander Bukach

Quantum stoachstic trajectories for homodyne observation of light created at QND interactions (poster)

A. Kozlovskii

Weak field photodetection with laser preamplification (poster)

Alexander Troshin

Controlling light pulse propagation with coupling light under condition of electromagnetically induced transparency in ultra-cold atomic gases in traps (poster)