A part of the reports presented at XI ICQO was published in special issues of Optics and Spectroscopy, Vol. 103, No. 1, 2007, Optics and Spectroscopy, Vol. 103, No. 2, 2007 and Optics and Spectroscopy, Vol. 103, No. 3, 2007.


OPENING SESSION Fr26DO (Friday, 26 May, 16.00 - 19.00)
Marlan Scully From Bose and Einstein to Bogoliubov and Beyond: a rich tradition of optical and statistical physics (invited, 40 min)
Peter Drummond Glauber’s legacy: From coherent states to the Gaussian representation (invited, 40 min)
Joerg Wrachtrup Use of colour centres in diamond for quantum information processing (invited, 40 min)
MORNING SESSIONS (Saturday, May 27, 8.30 - 13.00)
Sa27Aa Single photons
Mikhail Lukin Quantum control: from single photons to single spins (invited, 40 min)
Jean-Francois Roch Single photons from colour centre emission in diamond (invited, 30 min)
Thomas Becker Deterministic Generation of Single Photons using Cavity QED (invited, 20 min)
Tomoyuki Horikiri Quantum key distribution with a photon number resolved heralded single photon source (invited, 20 min)
Sa27Ab Single molecules
Ilja Gerhardt Coherent Emission of a Single Molecule excited by a Near-Field Tip (invited, 20 min)
Igor Osadko Sub-Poissonian Statistics of Single Molecule Fluorescence (invited, 20 min)
Christian von Borczyskowski Photoejection from Excited Molecules and Quantum Dots Followed by Self-Trapping in Condensed Media (invited, 30 min)
Yuri Vainer Observation Of The Boson Peak In An Amorphous Polymer On Nanolevel Using Single Molecule Spectroscopy (oral, 15 min)
Sa27B Quantum images
Alessandra Andreoni Manipulations of chaotic and ghost images for non-local information retrieval (invited, 30 min)
Evgenii Makeev Quantum fluctuations of optical images, parametrically amplified in coupled nonlinear processes, for close object location (oral, 15 min)
Ivan Sokolov Quantum teleportation of images with frequency conversion (invited, 20 min)
Yuri Golubev Quantum parallel dense coding of optical images (invited, 20 min)
AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Saturday, May 27, 14.00 - 19.00)
Sa27C Quantum measurements
Lorenzo Maccone Information-disturbance tradeoff in quantum measurement (invited, 20 min)
Luis Sбnchez Soto Minimum uncertainty measurements of angle and angular momentum (invited, 20 min)
Masahiro Takeoka Projective measurements via linear optics and photon detectors (invited, 20 min)
Constantin Usenko Imaginary Entanglement as Cost of Unitarity (oral, 15 min)
Sa27D Quantum correlations
Byoung S. Ham Generation and control of the stationary multi-color correlated light fields using EIT effect (invited, 15 min)
Alice Sinatra Quantum correlations of two optical fields close to electromagnetically induced transparency (invited, 20 min)
Dmitriy Kupriyanov Diffuse light scattering dynamics under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency (oral, 15 min)
Gagik Kryuchkyan Time-resolved entanglement and photon-number correlation of twin beams (invited, 20 min)
Mohamed Mourad Statistical aspects of the two-photon processes in the presence of a Kerr-like medium (oral, 20 min)
Alexei Kalachev Coherent control of collective spontaneous emission in extended atomic ensembles (invited, 20 min)
Sergei Arakelian Nonlinear control of atom-field interactions in many-particles systems: new methods to generate nonclassical light (oral, 15 min)
Tania Golubeva Non degenerated optical parametric oscillator above threshold: non-classical correlations in emission (oral, 15 min)
Vyacheslav Shatokhin Spectrum of coherent backscattering of light by two atoms (oral, 15 min)
Denis Ivanov Single particle dynamics in continuously controlled bosonic gas (oral, 15 min)
MORNING SESSIONS (Sunday, May 28, 8.30 - 13.00)
Su28A Quantum Entanglement I
Karol Zyczkowski Quantum entanglement and its properties (invited, 30 min)
Christian Kothe Improved ways of detecting entanglement (invited, 20 min)
Hermann Kampermann Entanglement witnesses and the loophole-problem (invited, 20 min)
Yeo Ye Effects of Collisional Decoherence on Multipartite Entanglement (invited, 20 min)
Israel Klich Entanglement entropy and Widom's conjecture (invited, 20 min)
Carlos Viviescas Unraveling Entanglement (invited, 20 min)
Dmitriy Horoshko Generalized entangling machines (oral, 15 min)
Su28B Quantum algorithms
Carlos Perez-Delgado Single Spin Measurement Using Cellular Automata Techniques (invited, 25 min)
Vladimir Gerdt Quantum computation in terms of polynomial equations: algorithmic aspects (invited, 20 min)
Robert Spreeuw Can quantum searching benefit from relaxation? Simulation with polynomial resources (invited, 25 min)
Jan Swoboda Time-optimal Control of Spin Systems (invited, 20 min)
AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Sunday, May 28, 14.00 - 19.00)
Su28C Coherent dynamics
Peter Lambropoulos Coherent dynamics of electron wavepackets in arrays of quantum dots (invited, 25 min)
Victor Zadkov Theory of Frequency-Modulation Spectroscopy of Coherent Dark Resonances (invited, 20 min)
Elena Kuznetsova Coherent generation of short terahertz pulses in molecular gases and doped optical crystals (invited, 15 min)
Karl-Michael Weitzel Optical Control of Branching Ratios in the Photofragmentation of DCl+ Ions (invited, 25 min)
Mikhail Korolkov Analysis and Control of the Initial Laser Pulse Induced Quantum Dynamics of Matrix Isolated Molecule (oral, 15 min)
Sergey Pulkin Long lived memory for femtosecond pulses in quantum dots (oral, 15 min)
Su28Da Mesoscopic systems
Paolo Tombesi Exploiting continuous variables entanglement in optomechanical systems (invited, 25 min)
Sougato Bose Simple Schemes for Teleportation and Quantum Random Walks with Mesoscopic Systems (invited, 20 min)
David Hallwood Macroscopic quantum superposition of superfluid flow (invited, 20 min)
Su28Db Biphotons physics
Paolo Mataloni Hyperentangled photon pairs (invited, 20 min)
Sergei Kulik Polarization four-dimensional systems based on biphotons (invited, 20 min)
Leonid Krivitskiy Dispersion spreading of biphotons in optical fibres and two-photon interference (oral, 15 min)
Yurii Bogdanov Mathematical modeling of characteristics of precision in problems of precision-built quantum tomography of biphotons (invited, 15 min)
Valery Karassiov Description of Light Polarization in Classical and Quantum Optics: Conceptions and Applications (oral, 15 min)
MORNING SESSIONS (Monday, May 29, 8.30 - 13.00)
Mo29A Continuous variables quantum information
Konrad Banaszek Characteristic squeezing modes in optical parametric amplification (invited, 40 min)
Ulrik Andersen Continuous variable quantum information protocols at the quantum limit (invited, 30 min)
Stefano Olivares Optimized Interferometry with Gaussian States (invited, 20 min)
Murray Olsen Continuous variable tripartite entanglement and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations from triple nonlinearities (invited, 20 min)
Paolo Perinotti Superbroadcasting of continuous variables mixed states (invited, 20 min)
Gerardo Adesso Entanglement in Gaussian Valence Bond States (invited, 20 min)
Vladislav Usenko Bit threshold optimization for multiphoton quantum communication in lossy channels (oral, 15 min)
Jia Xiaojun Generation of intense entangled optical beams and its frequency conversion (invited, 20 min)
Devendra Kumar Mishra Influence of symmetric lossless beam splitter on a non-classical feature of an optical field having Gaussian statistics (oral, 20 min)
Mo29B Photon detection
Marco Genovese Reconstruction of photon statistics by on/of detectors: from mono-partite to multi-partite case (invited, 30 min)
Zdenek Hradil Likelihood and entropy for quantum estimation (invited, 20 min)
Robert Thew Fast Single Photon Detection and GHz QKD at Telecom Wavelengths (invited, 25 min)
Kenji Tsujino Charge-integrated readout circuit with linear mode silicon avalanche photodiode towards a photon-number resolving detector (oral, 15 min)
AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Monday, May 29, 14.00 - 19.00)
Mo29Ca Quantum information processing
Kohei Itoh Silicon quantum information processing (invited, 25 min)
Igor Ryabtsev Quantum Information Processing Based On Long-Range Interactions Of Rydberg Atoms (invited, 20 min)
Mo29Cb Electronic confinement
Hongqi Xu Spin polarization, spin Hall effect and Zitterbewegung in electron waveguides with spin-orbit interaction (invited, 20 min)
Frank Hubenthal Damping of the surface plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles: Influence of the reduced dimension (invited, 20 min)
Alejandro Reyes-Esqueda Stark effect in a wedge-shaped quantum box (oral, 15 min)
Mo29Cc Quantum superpositions
Avraham Marchewka Distinguishing between real and imaginary potentials by short-time measurement (invited, 20 min)
Daniel Rohrlich Interference swapping in scattering from a nonlocal quantum target (invited, 20 min)
Mo29Da Quantum cryptography
Alexei Trifonov Secure quantum communication for optical networking (invited, 30 min)
Vladimir Kurochkin Experimental quantum cryptography for standard telecom fibers and free space (oral, 15 min)
Hagiwara Manabu Practical Non dual containing Classical Error Correcting Codes for Quantum Key Distribution (invited, 20 min)
Chil Min Kim Eavesdropping Attack with a Hong-Ou-Mandel Interferometer (invited, 20 min)
Mo29Db Quantum memory
Sergey Moiseev Photon echo quantum memory for arbitrary non-stationary light fields (invited, 20 min)
Dmitriy Kupriyanov Quantum memory for light via alignment-type interaction with a spin oriented atomic system (oral, 15 min)
Anastasia Rodichkina Decay and storage of the entangled states of atoms in collective thermostat (oral, 15 min)
Archan Majumdar Effects of cavity-field statistics on atomic entanglement (oral, 15 min)
MORNING SESSIONS (Tuesday, May 30, 8.30 - 13.00)
Tu30A Quantum Entanglement II
Pawel Horodecki Detecting quantum entanglement of bipartite systems (invited, 35 min)
Juan Leon Spin-spin entanglement of identical particles via spin independent interactions, the case s = Ѕ. (invited, 20 min)
Fabrizio Buscemi Entanglement creation for two-electron scattering in a 2D system (invited, 20 min)
Lars-Henrik Johannesson Entanglement of fermions at quantum criticality (invited, 20 min)
Tom Boness Entanglement and dynamics of spin-chains in periodically-pulsed magnetic fields: accelerator modes (invited, 20 min)
Michael Hartmann Excitation and Entanglement Transfer Versus Spectral Gap (invited, 20 min)
Yuri Ozhigov Simulation of quantum dynamics via collective behavior (invited, 20 min)
Francesco Cataliotti Magnetic and optical microtraps for quantum control (invited, 20 min)
Tu30B Interpretation of quantum theory (pro et contra)
Vladimir Bykov Fractional Charges and Fractional Photons – New Objects of Quantum Optics (invited, 20 min)
Ruo Peng Wang Theory for quantum state of photon pairs generated from spontaneous parametric down conversion nonlinear process (invited, 20 min)
Michael Mensky Reality in quantum mechanics, Extended Everett Concept and consciousness (invited, 20 min)
Aloysius Kracklauer Nonlocality, Irreality and the Ansatze of Bell and von Neumann (invited, 20 min)
AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Tuesday, May 30, 14.00 - 19.00)
Tu30Ca Quanta&Thermodynamics
Jan Naudts Nonlinear conserved quantities and the extended microcanonical ensemble (invited, 20 min)
Boris Veklenko The thermodynamics of the quantum electromagnetic field in absorbing media (oral, 15 min)
Kamil Valiev Multi-particle entangled quantum states and modeling of statistical distributions in thermodynamics (oral, 15 min)
Tu30Cb Quantum optics for gravitational physics
Thomas Caniard Ultra-sensitive measurement of thermal and quantum noises (invited, 20 min)
Farit Khalili Spectral variational measurement in future gravitational-wave detectors (invited, 20 min)
Sergey Vyatchanin Sub-SQL Sensitivity via Optical Rigidity in Advanced LIGO Interferometer with Optical Losses (invited, 20 min)
Lev Tomilchik The anomalous blue-shifted drift of frequency as local manifestation of space expansion (oral, 10 min)
Tu30D Quantum states structure
Luigi Accardi On the stochastic limit of the number operator (invited, 20 min)
Robert Koenig On Quantum de Finetti Theorems (invited, 20 min)
Hubert de Guise Intelligent states as coupled coherent states (invited, 20 min)
Marcus Appleby Geometry and Tomographic Efficiency (invited, 20 min)
Jukka Kiukas Phase space quantization and operator integrals (invited, 20 min)
David Gross Non-negative discrete Wigner functions: A QIT version of Hudson's Theorem (invited, 20 min)
Subhash Chaturvedi The Sampling Theorem and Coherent State Systems in Quantum Mechanics (invited, 20 min)
S. Javad Akhtarshenas Coset parameterization of density matrices (oral, 15 min)
Aurelian Isar Quantum decoherence of the damped harmonic oscillator (oral, 15 min)
MORNING SESSIONS (Wednesday, May 31, 8.30 - 13.00)
We31A Linear optics quantum computing
Jens Eisert Minimal resources for linear optical one-way computing (invited, 40 min)
Jeremy O'Brien Single photon entangling gates for quantum information applications (invited, 30 min)
Matthias Scholz Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm using Triggered Single Photons from a Single Quantum Dot (invited, 20 min)
Dominic Berry Implementation of multipartite unitary operations with limited resources (invited, 20 min)
Peter Rohde Mode-matching effects in linear optics quantum computing (invited, 20 min)
Pavel Lougovsky From Linear Optical Quantum Computing to Quantum Imaging and Beyond (invited, 20 min)
We31Ba Photonic confinement
Solange Cavalcanti Photonic superlattices: band structures (invited, 20 min)
Aleksey Zheltikov Wavelength-tunable solitonic output of a photonic-crystal fiber designed to resolve ultrafast molecular dynamics (invited, 20 min)
We31B Quantum chaos
Giulio Casati Classical dynamical chaos and quantum dephasing (invited, 25 min)
Gernot Stania Quantum chaos in the photoelectric effect (invited, 25 min)
AFTERNOON SESSIONS (Wednesday, May 31, 14.00 - 19.00)
We31C Quantum optics of nanoobjects
Igor Bondarev Quantum Optics Phenomena In Atomically Doped Carbon Nanotubes (invited, 20 min)
Dmitriy Guzatov Spontaneous emission of an atom placed near a cluster of two metallic nanospheres (oral, 15 min)
Stefan Buhmann Microscopic origin of Casimir-Polder forces (invited, 20 min)
Yurii Sherkunov Casimir-Polder interaction of excited media (oral, 15 min)
Gregory Slepyan Dispersion of quantum light in excitonic composites (oral, 15 min)
Andrew Semenov Unwanted noise in leaky cavities: characterization and measurement (oral, 15 min)
Yakov Fofanov Strong selective reflection of polarized light from alcaline vapour (oral, 15 min)
Maxim Gladush Modification of resonance fluorescence spectra due to cooperative effects in a dense two-level medium (oral, 15 min)
POSTER SESSION (Saturday, May 27, 20.00 - 22.00)
Alesya Anishchanka Alternative mechanism of the sign-reversal effect in Superconductor-Ferromagnet-Superconductor Josephson Junctions
Jean-Francois Roch Balanced homodyne detection in second-harmonic generation microscopy
Mohamed Mourad Interaction of a moving atom and a two-mode quantized cavity field with Kerr Nonlinearity
Luis-Gerardo Pedraza-Saavedra Linear Optical Quantum Treatment of Vacuum Fluctuations
Denis Vasilyev Spatial noise in parallel model of quantum memory for light
Askhat Basharov Entanglement of electronic states of impurities in nanocrystal
Yuri Kurochkin Performance of the near infrared single-photon detectors
Valery Gorbachev Quantum channel for light based on integrals of motion
Natalia Cherkashyna Vanishing of electron pair recession at central impact
Tatiana Ivanova The role of atom-atom correlations in feedback cooling
Timur Iskhakov Multi-photon correlations for nonclassical light measured in the pulsed regime
Ekaterina Moreva Measurement of the entanglement degree for a two-photon light
Timur Kamalov Entangled Solitons and Quantum Mechanics
Vadim Makarov Vulnerability of SARG04 and differential phase shift protocols to attack exploiting detector efficiency mismatch
Yurii Sherkunov Casimir interaction between an excited atom and a ground-state atom
Andrei Kozlovskii Appliance of the photon number squeezing at photon counting with four-wave preamplification scheme
Alexander Malyarevich Luminescence study of PbS quantum dots ensembles in colloids and glasses
Valerij Gurin Laser pulse control of the competition between possible reaction channels in HCl+ and DCl+
Alexander Lemeza Chaotic regimes in a laser with a dense active medium: effects of local-field and upconversion
Mikalai Karelin On the asymptotic signal to noise limit for classical and quantum superresolution imaging/ Schmidt number of pure bi-partite entangled states and methods of its calculation
Mikalai Karelin Schmidt number of pure bi-partite entangled states and methods of its calculation
Kanstantsin Rusakov Whispering gallery mode emission from microtube cavity
Alexander Starukhin Manifestation of the distorted Pd- and Pt -porphin macrocycles in solid matrices
Michael Samtsov Ultrafast electron transfer reactions in contact ion pairs of indotricarbocyanine dyes
Alexander Leonov Accurate quasi-classic limit for Jaynes-Cummings model
Alexander Shalyt-Margolin Quantum Entropy of a Black Hole and Some New Approaches to its Computation
Ilya Feranchuk Kinetic processes in a laser driven by time-periodical magnetic field
Oksana Boyarshinova Operator method of calculation of a spectrum of states of lengthy Dicke model
Lyudmila Serebryakova A scatterer in phase-conjugate coatings: reduction of spatial spectrum of field within scattering matrix approach
Alexander Bukach Quantum Repeaters on NV+13C Centers in Diamond
Andrei Ignatenko Quantum dynamics of an elementary photodetection process
Tania Karlovich Atom-field cross-correlation function and the line's width of the fluorescence spectrum for the one-atom laser
Alexander Nizovtsev Non-spin-preserving optical transitions in the [NV]- center in diamond: photophysical modelling
Alexander Pushkarchuk Structural, electronic and spin properties of NE8 center in nanodiamond
Alexander Pushkarchuk Ab initio modelling of spin properties of nanodiamonds with single [NV]- center
Alexander Maloshtan Light localization control in one dimensional finite photonic crystals
Victor Zadkov Quantum measurement without dequantization
Alexander Grabchikov Temporal behavior of continuous wave solid-state Raman laser pumped by multimode Ar-ion laser