The Seminar was held in Recreation Center "Svitanok" on a bank of the Lake of Zaslavl near Minsk on May 15- May 17, 1996. A part of the reports presented at SQO-VI was published in special issue of Optika i Spektroskopiya (Optics and Spectroscopy), Vol.82, No.6, 1997

Contents of the issue:

  1. S. Ya. Kilin, Minsk Seminars on Quantum Optics. (885)
  2. A. S. Trifonov, Squeezed Light of a Diode Laser. (889)
  3. A V. Masalov and A. A. Putilin, Quantum Noise of a Modulation Optical Amplifier. (896)
  4. V. G. Bespalov, D. I. Stasel'ko, and E. Yu. Yutanova, Quantum fluctuations and Coherence of SRS Radiation. Bragg Diffraction, Axial and Conical Excitation of Stokes and Anti-Stokes Components. (901)
  5. D. Yu. Parashchuk and N. V. Chigarev, Measurements with a Limiting Sensitivity of Small Transverse Displacements of a Beam of a Quasi-Continuous Mode-Locked Laser. (908)
  6. D. B. Horoshko and S. Ya. Kilin, Quantum Theory of Feedback Specified by the Measurement. (913)
  7. A. S. Troshin, Generation of Sub-Poisson Light at Cascade Operating Transitions with a Negative Feedback. (923)
  8. N. A. Vasil'ev and A. S. Troshin, On Generation of Sub-Poisson Light: Feedback between Pumping and Photocurtent Induced by Spontaneous Emission. (927)
  9. V. N. Gorbachev and A. I. Trubilko, Transformation of Non-Classical Light in a Configuration with Optoelectronic Feedback. (932)
  10. Yu. M. Golubev, G. R. Ershov, A. N. Prokshin, and I. V. Sokotov, Independence of the Linewidth of Regular and Poissonian Laser from Natural Fluctuations of Excitation. (936)
  11. V. N. Gorbachev and A. I. Trubilko, Micromaser Generation with an Intracavity Parametric Cell. (946)
  12. D. V. Kupriyanov and I. M. Sokolov, Spectroscopy of Intensity Fluctuations of Polarized Atomic Media by Means of Squeezed Light. (952)
  13. V. N. Beskrovnyi and A. S. Chirkin, Generation of Sub-Poissonian Light with Nonclassical Polarization State in Quadratically-Nonlinear Crystals. (961)
  14. V. V. Volokhovskii and A. S. Chirkin, Polarization Effects for Polarization-Squeezed Light Formed in a Medium with Third-Order Nonlinearity. (966)
  15. S. Ya. Kilin and V. N. Shatokhin, Entangled States in the Resonance Atomic-Field Interactions. (972)
  16. A. S. Chirkin, Operator of the Time and the Uncertainty Relation for the Energy and a Parameter of a Light Pulse. (981)
  17. Yu. M. Golubev and M. I. Kolobov, Quantum Features of Optical Excitation of a Passive Cavity. (984)
  18. D. Kuznetsov and D. Rohrlich, Quantum Noise in the Mapping of the Phase Space. (990)
  19. I. V. Sokolov, Combined Kinetic Equation for Optical Cavities Coupled by Nonclassical Optical Signals. (996)
  20. A. S. Chirkin, A. P. Alodzhants, and M. Arakelyan, On a New Quantum Definition of the Degree of Polarization of an Electromagnetic Field. (1001)
  21. Ya. A. Fofanov, On the Criterion for Resolving Power of Polarization Measurements. (1004)
  22. A. P. Nizovtsev, S. Ya. Kilin, P. R. Berman, C. von Borczyskowski, and J. Wrachtrup, Stochastic Theory of Optically Detected Coherent Phenomena in the Triplet State of Single Molecules. (1010)
  23. S. A. Moiseev, Nonresonance Absorption of Energy Quantum by a Two-Level Atom. (1021)
  24. S. A. Moiseev, Special Features of Detection of a Single-Photon Echo and a Time-Delayed Photon Interference in a Three-Level Medium. (1027)