The Eighths International Conference on Quantum Optics was held on May 28 - May 31, 2000, at the Raubichi Olympic Center. A part of the reports presented at VIII ICQO was published in special issues of Optics and Spectroscopy Vol. 91, No. 3, 2001, Optics and Spectroscopy Vol. 91, No. 4, 2001. Simultaneous English language translation of the journal is available from MAIK “Nauka / Interperiodica” (Russia). Distributed worldwide by the American Institute of Physics. Optics and Spectroscopy ISSN 0030-400X.

Contents of the issue:

Fundamentals of Quantum Optics

Laser Experiments with Single Atoms and the Test of Basic Quantum Phenomena
H. Walther p. 327
New Schemes for Quantum State Generation
A. Vidiella-Barranco p. 338
Quantum Statistical Properties of One-Atom Lasers
T. B. Karlovich and S. Ya. Kilin p. 343

Quantum Information and Quantum Measurements

Are Interaction-Free Measurements Interaction Free?
L. Vaidman p. 352
Interaction-Free Measurements of the Second Type: Concepts and Proposal for a Feasible Experiment
C. S. Unnikrishnan p. 358
Thermodynamical Analogues in Quantum Information Theory
D. Rohrlich p. 363
Collapse of the Wave Function Related to the Use of Schmidt Decomposition
Y. Ben-Aryeh p. 368
Quantum Theory of Incompatible Observations
Z. Hradil p. 372
Spectral Detection of Resonance Fluorescence as a Generalized Quantum Measurement
V. N. Shatokhin and S. Ya. Kilin p. 376
Photocounts and Laser Detection of Weak Optical Signals
V. P. Bykov p. 385
Quantum Correlations from Local Amplitudes and the Resolution of the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen Nonlocality Puzzle
C. S. Unnikrishnan p. 393
Quantum-Classical Correspondence of Dynamical Observables, Quantization, and the Time of Arrival Correspondence Problem
E. A. Galapon p. 399
Two-Pulse Correlations in Noisy Quantum Channels
A. V. Chizhov, E. Schmidt, L. Knoll, and D.-G. Welsch p. 406
Entanglement Degradation of a Two-Mode Squeezed Vacuum in Absorbing and Amplifying Optical Fibers
S. Scheel, T. Opatrny, and D.-G. Welsch p. 411
Quantum Teleportation of an Entangled Pair for Continuous Variables
V. N. Gorbachev, A. I. Zhiliba, and A. I. Trubilko p. 41

Quantum Computations and Optical Processes

Implementing the Deutsch Algorithm with Atoms and Cavities
V. Giovannetti, D. Vitali, and P. Tombesi p. 423
Quantum Computation Using the 13C Nuclear Spins Near the Single NV Defect Center in Diamond
J. Wrachtrup, S. Ya. Kilin, and A. P. Nizovtsev p. 429
Quantum Computers? … Coherent Computers!
A. N. Oraevsky p. 438
Promises of Quantum Informatics in the Context of Comparison with Spatial–Temporal Holography Based on Persistent Spectral Hole Burning
K. K. Rebane p. 442
Atom-Optics Holograms
A. V. Soroko p. 446
Single Molecule Spectroscopy on Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complexes
F. Jelezko, C. Tietz, U. Gerken, E. Thews, S. Schuler, A. Wechsler, and J. Wrachtrup p. 457
Studies of Relaxation Processes in Organic Glasses at Low Temperatures Using the Hole-Burning Spectroscopy Technique: Verification of Applicability Limits of the Model of Two-Level Systems
B. M. Kharlamov p. 461
Markovian Master Equation for a Two-Level Atom in a Strong Field and/or a Tailored Reservoir
A. Kowalewska-Kudaszyk and R. Tanas p. 470
Theoretical Study of the Smith–Purcell Effect Involving Photonic Crystals
K. Ohtaka and S. Yamaguti p. 477
Periodic Thin-Film Interference Filters as One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
D. N. Chigrin and C. M. Sotomayor Torres p. 48

Nonlinear Quantum Optics

Phase-Matching Condition Between Acoustic and Optical Waves in Doped Fibers
Y. Rostovtsev, A. B. Matsko, R. M. Shelby, and M. O. Scully p. 490
Generation of Quadrature-Squeezed Light of Ultrashort Pulses in a Medium with Inertial Cubic Nonlinearity
A. S. Chirkin and F. Popescu p. 494
Quantum Zeno Effect in a Nonlinear Coupler
J. Rehacek, J. Perina, P. Facchi, S. Pascazio, and L. Mitra Jr. p. 501
Interaction of the Quantized Electromagnetic Field with Atoms in the Presence of Dispersing and Absorbing Dielectric Bodies
S. Scheel and D. G. Welsch p. 508
Photon Filamentation in Resonant Media with High Fresnel Numbers
V. I. Yukalov p. 515
Single-Mode Amplitude Squeezing in a Semiconductor Laser at 780 nm
Ya. A. Fofanov and I. V. Sokolov p. 519  

Polarization States in Quantum Optics

Biphoton Light with Hidden Polarization and Its Polarization Tomography
P. A. Bushev, V. P. Karassiov, A. V. Masalov, and A. A. Putilin p. 526
Unpolarized Light in Quantum Optics
J. Soderholm, G. Bjork, and A. Trifonov p. 532
Symmetry Approach to the Analysis of Coherent Structures in Quantum Optics: Foundations and Examples
V. P. Karassiov p. 535 

Superprecision Detection of Small Displacements and Forces

Quantum Experiments with Macroscopic Mechanical Objects
F. Ya. Khalili p. 542
 Resonance Nonperturbing Detector of Weak Forces in the Regenerative Regime
V. V. Kulagin p. 551