ICQOQI-2015, Minsk XIV International Conference on
Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

October 27–30, 2015, Minsk, BELARUS

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XIV International Conference on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information will be held in three places:

NAS Belarus

I. Presidium of NAS of Belarus in Minsk

Razdiwill's Palace

II. Razdiwill's Palace in Niasvizh

hotel Belarus

III. Hotel Belarus in MInsk

The participants are proposed to be accommodated in Hotel Belarus. Booking by web interface of the hotel site will be available in October. For early booking please use booking.com or contact the hotel administration by fax or email.

Possibly, you will need following information:

To get from Minsk International Airport to Hotel Belarus:
Take the bus number 303- (the bus-stop at the Airport is situated in front of Gate 5-6, the ground floor, arrival hall) or 1400-TK to Bus Terminal Centralny; then use Metro (enter the station Ploshcha Lenina near the railway station; exit at the station Niamiha(Nemiga)); Hotel Belarus is on the hill across the river.
Or use authorized taxi service.

To get from Hotel Belarus to National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
Use Metro (enter the station Niamiha (Nemiga); exit at the station Akademia Navuk); rear right-hand-side exit is just in front of the Presidium of NAS of Belarus.

Transfer from Hotel to Radziwills Palace in Nyasvizh will be organized (bus will depart from Hotel Belarus at 8:00 a.m. on October 28)

The Presidium of NAS of Belarus, B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics, Welcome party venue
Academy Of Sciences

Way to Hotel Belarus from Metro Station "Nemiha"
Hotel Belarus From NemigaHotel Belarus From Nemiga

Metro Plan
Metro Plan

Way to Metro from Central Bus Terminal and Railway Station
Privokzalnaya Square

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