International Conference "Spins & Photonic Beams at Interface"

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of F.I.Fedorov (1911-1994)

September 25–26, 2011, Minsk, BELARUS


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Academician F.I.FedorovRector's office of Belarusian State UniversityOne of the most eminent, widely known and recognized scientific results of Fedor Ivanovich Fedorov is theoretical prediction of transversal shift of circularly polarized beam components at non-normal incidence on an optical interface. Fedorov obtained this fascinating result as early as 1955 considering total internal reflection in silica glass. Imbert provided experimental confirmation in 1972 for beams of finite cross-section. Hence the effect is historically referred to as the Fedorov shift or as the Fedorov-Imbert effect. In the last decade an interest in this phenomenon has been renewed. It has been considered both theoretically and experimentally for a large number of different situations involving partial reflection/transmission at an interface. A variety of transparent media and different beam geometries were considered. An analogy with an ordinary electronic spin Hall effect has led some researchers to refer to the Fedorov-Imbert effect as to the spin Hall effect of light (SHEL). Sophisticated experimental schemes have been used to register the subwavelength (nanometer scale) shifts. Recently it has been recognized that these effects can be used both for quantum information science and in spintronics technologies.

The international conference "Spins & Photonic Beams at Interface" (SPBI'2011) is to be organized in the framework of Fedorov Memorial Symposium (Minsk, September 25-26) at rector's office of Belarusian State University. It is devoted to the whole scope of phenomena and modern applications connected with physics of photonic beams at optical interfaces, including:

  • geometric phase (Berry’s phase) of light beams;
  • spin states of light;
  • photonic wave-packets at interfaces and in metamaterials;
  • optical analogies of spin Hall effect;
  • measurements of transversal optical shifts;
  • quantum optics and quantum information applications with photonic beams.

The language of the Conference is English. The registration is open till September, 10, 2011.

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